Thursday, October 9, 2003

Lost :-(

I lost my light meter ! I went to the beach with Noel to get a few last Ocean Beach photos for my series and I dropped it somewhere. Barely 5 minutes went by from the time I had it in my hand to when I noticed it was gone.

We combed that beach for about 45 minutes. Two sets of eyes and we found nothing. Someone must've picked it up even though there was hardly anyone around at all. I was devastated. I waited and saved for a long time for that tool knowing that it would open a world of photo possibilities. And now that door has shut itself on me again.

$250!!! That's what it cost. Maybe that's chump change to some, but to someone who only makes about $13,000 per year, that's a lot of money. Now I am moving with no job and no savings, and I have to get another light meter. It is my key to creativity and sanity.


Grrr, sometimes my absentmindedness can really piss me off!

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