Friday, November 28, 2003

Home Alone

John has left for Seattle this afternoon. I think I'll make some turkey stock so I can make the actual soup tomorrow, then do laundry, and paint. Maybe I'll even put my wedding portfolio together. I'll have to be extra ambitious for that!

I haven't painted in a while. A few months before I moved I started stocking up on wood and visiting people's studio's to cut it all up. My friends Jessie and Mike actually cut some of it for me. (I feel lucky to have such supportive artistic friends.) Those wood panels are now sitting in my studio waiting to be painted on. Problem is, I think I want different shapes and sizes now. That was a few months ago and things change!

People ask how I feel about John always going away to play a party or club somewhere. I miss him, but I welcome the time to do what I want uninterrupted. I'm pretty independent and I cherish my alone time.

(In case anyone is wondering about the turkey soup, you just throw in the turkey bones and scraps in a pot along with some onions, garlic, and herbs, cover it with water and let is simmer for 2-3 hours. Then you let it cool, skim the fat off the top, and strain the broth. Voila! Stock! Afterwards, you can add whatever you want to the stock to make the soup. I like to add onions, potatos, carrots, celery, and parsley. Yum! Simple yet good. )

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