Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Too Much Excitement

I finally got a call from one of my photo assistant ads that I have posted. When I called the person back after listening to the message, I was asked a few questions:

Guy: "Well we already found someone, but I'll keep you on file. Are you strong?"

Me: "Yes, I'm pretty strong."

Guy: "You're a strong girl, huh?"

Me: (More brightly) "Yeah, I'm pretty strong."

Guy: "Can you move couches around?"

Me: "I can move things around just not lift large objects over my head."

Guy: "Are you open to working in the adult pornographic film industry?"

For a sec, I'm wondering if he is kidding, but I realize he is serious.

Me: (chuckling) "Yeah, I suppose so."

I think to myself, "It is okay as long as I'm on the other side of the camera and NOT in front of it. Hell, it might be interesting. There would be stories to tell! Would I ever be bored at work? Probably not!"

Guy: "So and so," (he says a woman's name here. I forgot it already.) "Is really nice and fun to work with. We treat the women nicely and there isn't anything too crazy going on- just a lot of bouncing around."

"So I'll keep your card for future reference."

Me: "Yeah, I'll give you my cell number."

The cell phone is becoming useful already.

Right after that conversation I decided to check on my chestnuts roasting in the toaster oven. I was in mid phone conversation with Jessie while cutting a chestnut open when *BAM* the nut exploded in my face! I screamed and accidentally hung up on Jessie. When I confirmed that my eyes were okay, I looked around to see chestnut shrapnel all over the place. A sticky, pulverized mess that got on everything including the postcards on the refrigerator. I looked over at the oven with the other chestnut sitting in there like a ticking time bomb and started laughing.

Holiday cooking tip:

ALWAYS pierce chestnuts before roasting them.

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