Sunday, January 4, 2004


I'm back from San Francisco. I had such a great time with what seemed like too little time. I couldn't fit in seeing everyone. NYE was awesome; got together with my old party crew with a couple of my best SF friends Pete and Jessie. We went to an underground warehouse party but ended up hanging out in the hallway most of the time. We just enjoyed talking to each other. Pete had a friend who live there so we all used his room as the chill area later on. I feel a little disappointed that I didn't get my groove on too much, but it was nice to catch up with everyone instead. I was also having such a great time that I forgot to take photos of that night so I can't post any as planned.

As the night wore on, the music became hard and scary. What is up with that? And what happened to feel-good music that isn't trancey? Perhaps I am just growing out of the scene and I am okay with that since it is almost completely dead anyways. I am also okay with moving on because I have other priorities in life and other things to explore but dammit, sometimes I just want to dance all night and I haven't found anywhere to inspire me to do so in a long time.

We all started commenting on what it was like out there and John said something like, "This room has become a shelter, like a shelter from a storm...We are being sheltered from the techno storm!"

My God, that was hilarious and that was what it was like!

But I was among wonderful people so I had a beautiful time. Lots of laughs and hugs.

Now, I am restless for something more. I don't want to return to SF, but I want to live somewhere (just for a little while) like NYC, Tokyo, Paris, or even London. I love the energy of the bustling cities. I feel that so much can happen. I'll just have to continue making things happen at home in the meantime.

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