Friday, January 23, 2004

A List

One of the places that I submitted my art to required that I come up with a list. I wasn't too happy about doing it. Isn't it enough work to have to send a resume, statement, bio, slides/jpegs, and a photo of yourself? In the end, it was a bit entertaining for me. Here it is:

The stuff that is all over my computer desk at this very moment:


-Tape measure

-Orange earplugs




-Bubbles, the Powderpuff Girl talking doll


-A large, dried leaf


-A tattered San Francisco Muni Map

-Darkroom keys

-A fortune from a fortune cookie

-2 film canisters with beach sand from Thailand

-Unpaid bills

-Video arcade card

-Sticky notes with miscellaneous information stuck onto everything

-An ever-growing paper pile of all sorts of stuff that I continue to ignore

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