Thursday, January 29, 2004


I've been thinking how much I miss my days of spotting prints for Michael Kenna. I would wake up sometime between 9-10 am and go through a leisurely morning ritual of showering, eating, and checking my email. I'd get my brushes and dyes out, make a pot of tea or coffee, and sit down at a little table in the sunny living room with a view of my neighborhood. The next 4-7 hours would be spent meticulously placing little dots of dye on Michael's prints while listening to books on tape. Prudence, my roommate's cat, kept me company as she followed the patches of sun on the floor (I called her "the sun patch kitty"). This methodical process of cleaning up prints is called spotting and the little dots would cover up dust spots and unwanted light areas. It was very meditative and peaceful. I loved sitting in the sun and feeling completely autonomous.

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