Saturday, May 29, 2004

Art Submisssion

I tore open the familiar bubble-lined manila envelope while muttering, “It’s another rejection.” I pulled out the contents and only saw the slides.

“Damnit, who did I mail these out to? Why isn’t there a letter? How rude!” The silence from whomever I sent my work to was more insulting than a rejection letter. As if they couldn’t bother with the likes of my art. As if they just glanced at my slides, threw them in the SASE and sealed it up with no afterthought. As if they thought, “Why bother?”

I felt cheated.

I picked up the envelope again and peeked in with one eye. There it was, the letter. Oh.

I unfolded it and read:

Thank you for your interest in showing your work with Melrose Lightspace. We have enjoyed viewing your work and are interested in including it in our 2004 exhibition season. We will be contacting you in the coming months to schedule a meeting and discuss details. Congratulations.

Oh!  :-)

Old Journal Fragment

He used to woo me with sequins and rhinestones.

Techinical Difficulties

I am struggling with plaster for a project that I am working on. Grrr!

Friday, May 28, 2004

When Time Slowed Down

I was cruising down the 10 East when what seemed like all of a sudden, the brake lights of the cars ahead of me turned bright. I waited a couple of seconds before lightly braking. I realized that I was coming up too quickly and I braked harder. Oh my god, the car did in front did not seem to be moving. Time slowed down as my brakes locked and my car kept sliding ahead. An adrenaline filled calm came over me as I stiffened with my back against the seat. Oh shit, I was going to get into a terrible accident! Fuck! Without looking into the other lane, I started to turn my wheel. My car kept sliding forward, but now at a slight angle. I heard screeching behind me. Oh no! What if a car hits me from the other lane? Ack! I'm going to be in one of those pileup accidents you hear about!!

And then, just in the nick of time, my car stopped and the traffic kept on moving.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

This Weekend

I've been having a great weekend. Friday evening started off with
going to the Chuck Arnoldi show at the Bobbie Greenfield Gallery. I had worked on

many of the frames and it was satisfying to see my handiwork on the finished
product in a gallery setting.

Later, John got some spumoni ice cream for me and then we headed out
to the Scope Los Angeles art fair.  We arrived a little late with only 15-20 minutes to see the exhibition so we had to run through the fair. There were about 50 galleries showing and we barely touched the tip of the iceberg. Anyways, lots of great art by new artists. Very refreshing. My favorite galleries that
I saw were Bank and Mixed Greens.

Saturday, I spent some time in the studio before heading out to my
commercial acting workshop. I love that class! It is so safe

and I'm learning so much. I like getting out of my skin.

And even though I had to work after class, I had Keiko and Trast
on my team at the catering job. It was nice to be around familiar faces. I'll be seeing them at the 11 year

Full Moon Gathering also.

I'm going to try to make it to the Diane Arbus show on Sunday after
I get some shut eye! It should be amazing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Been Checking Out...

I love discovering art that makes me smile and people who live so creatively. I've been looking and reading Rachael, who paints and My Paper Crane, a site owned by a super-crafty chick.

I also found Learning To Love You More. It's a web site with assignments and displays the ones that people have done. The website is even being shown at the Whitney. Check it out!

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Tea Time

I've fallen in love with the Jin Patisserie. Yummy teas, coffee, and special pastries.

They even serve a full afternoon tea. Double yum! Which, by the way, many people mistake for high tea. Afternoon tea is served with sweets and finger foods. High tea is actually dinner. A bit of internet research educated me. (I am an information junky.)

Anyways, the setting of Jin Patisserie is serene: curvy

walkway, circular couches to lay on (and tables and chairs if you prefer

those), lush green reeds, and a bubbling fountain.

And the mellow green, orange, and blue color scheme is so tastefully

done. It is sort of an East meets West teahouse.

I've been there twice in one weekend!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Commercial Acting Workshop

Embarrassing moment:

It's the first day of my commercial acting workshop. I am late and nervous.

I check my teeth and hair, but when I try to push open the door to

the room, it won't open. I see the teacher sitting on her desk, she

glances over at me. I wave but she continues talking to the class.

Wow, she must really dislike tardiness, I think to myself. I push

on the door and knock again.

"Is this the commercial acting class?" I ask.

There is a look of confusion on her face and she looks away.

A change of energy and rustling takes place inside the room.

Finally a young woman walks to the door, turns the knob and pushes

the door towards ME.

Oh my god. I never even bothered PULLING the door!

I walked into that room so embarrassed and tried so hard to regain

my dignity despite a few amused looks.

The class:

I like it. It is challenging. I am not a good actor and I feel

so vulnerable putting myself out in front of people like that.

But that is what I enjoy about the class. I love trying new

things and placing myself outside of my comfort zone. I get

a kick out of the improv part of the class. I can be as wild

and silly as I want.

The teacher is an older, tall, blond, ultra-skinny woman who

wears heavy eye makeup. There is a strange glamour to her.

She wore a butterfly in her hair and has a light brown, curly

haired dog named Pancake. When I first saw her, I wasn't so

sure that I was going to like her. But her teaching method

won me over. She puts her students at ease and pushes us

without hurting us.

She is also a former Doublemint Twin. One of the cute blond

long haired girls back in the 70's. I'm pretty impressed

by that little tidbit.
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