Saturday, May 29, 2004

Art Submisssion

I tore open the familiar bubble-lined manila envelope while muttering, “It’s another rejection.” I pulled out the contents and only saw the slides.

“Damnit, who did I mail these out to? Why isn’t there a letter? How rude!” The silence from whomever I sent my work to was more insulting than a rejection letter. As if they couldn’t bother with the likes of my art. As if they just glanced at my slides, threw them in the SASE and sealed it up with no afterthought. As if they thought, “Why bother?”

I felt cheated.

I picked up the envelope again and peeked in with one eye. There it was, the letter. Oh.

I unfolded it and read:

Thank you for your interest in showing your work with Melrose Lightspace. We have enjoyed viewing your work and are interested in including it in our 2004 exhibition season. We will be contacting you in the coming months to schedule a meeting and discuss details. Congratulations.

Oh!  :-)

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