Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Commercial Acting Workshop

Embarrassing moment:

It's the first day of my commercial acting workshop. I am late and nervous.

I check my teeth and hair, but when I try to push open the door to

the room, it won't open. I see the teacher sitting on her desk, she

glances over at me. I wave but she continues talking to the class.

Wow, she must really dislike tardiness, I think to myself. I push

on the door and knock again.

"Is this the commercial acting class?" I ask.

There is a look of confusion on her face and she looks away.

A change of energy and rustling takes place inside the room.

Finally a young woman walks to the door, turns the knob and pushes

the door towards ME.

Oh my god. I never even bothered PULLING the door!

I walked into that room so embarrassed and tried so hard to regain

my dignity despite a few amused looks.

The class:

I like it. It is challenging. I am not a good actor and I feel

so vulnerable putting myself out in front of people like that.

But that is what I enjoy about the class. I love trying new

things and placing myself outside of my comfort zone. I get

a kick out of the improv part of the class. I can be as wild

and silly as I want.

The teacher is an older, tall, blond, ultra-skinny woman who

wears heavy eye makeup. There is a strange glamour to her.

She wore a butterfly in her hair and has a light brown, curly

haired dog named Pancake. When I first saw her, I wasn't so

sure that I was going to like her. But her teaching method

won me over. She puts her students at ease and pushes us

without hurting us.

She is also a former Doublemint Twin. One of the cute blond

long haired girls back in the 70's. I'm pretty impressed

by that little tidbit.

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