Friday, May 28, 2004

When Time Slowed Down

I was cruising down the 10 East when what seemed like all of a sudden, the brake lights of the cars ahead of me turned bright. I waited a couple of seconds before lightly braking. I realized that I was coming up too quickly and I braked harder. Oh my god, the car did in front did not seem to be moving. Time slowed down as my brakes locked and my car kept sliding ahead. An adrenaline filled calm came over me as I stiffened with my back against the seat. Oh shit, I was going to get into a terrible accident! Fuck! Without looking into the other lane, I started to turn my wheel. My car kept sliding forward, but now at a slight angle. I heard screeching behind me. Oh no! What if a car hits me from the other lane? Ack! I'm going to be in one of those pileup accidents you hear about!!

And then, just in the nick of time, my car stopped and the traffic kept on moving.

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