Friday, June 11, 2004

What I Miss in San Francisco

-Hearing snippets of conversation while riding public transportation.

-Sourdough walnut bread that doesn't cost $8 per loaf.

-Street festivals I could ride my bike to.

-Rainbow Grocery. It has everything one can imagine. A HUGE bulk section and large selection of soaps that smell good.

-Having a nice walk to a friend's house.

-Clothes Contact. Where clothing is bought by the pound. It's a great store to get a funky outfit.

-Street Life.

-Riding my bike to do earrands.

-Walking a very short distance to lots of yummy places to eat.

-Prudence, a fuzzy, marmalade, princess of a kitty who adorned my bed.

-The San Francisco Photography Center where I only paid $5 per visit. There is no other deal like that!!

-My wonderful friends.

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