Wednesday, December 8, 2004

New Responsibilities

Well my art and photo projects will have to be on hold for a little while. I can say that this is a good thing...

Everything seems to be happening at once. First, I signed up for an acting class and this is a little different than the other ones that I have taken recently. I have just been doing cold reading and I must try my best to memorize my lines for this class. The people in it are pretty serious and I am excited about learning and developing the craft more.

Last month, I had signed up at a casting agency that specializes in background workers. I received a call at 11:39 AM while I was running errands.

"Hi this is B from C. Would you like to go to a meet and greet for a part in a feature?"

"Um, well, wow. This is really last minute. I am out and about right now," I say as I am trying to maneuver my car in a parking lot.

"How about tomorrow?"

"Is this about being an extra in a movie?"

"No this is a part in a feature film"

"Oh, well I suppose I can try to make it."

She gave me the info and told me to look sexy since the part is for a saloon girl. Sexy? It was cold and drizzly out. But I did my best.

When I arrived at the ranch, I realized that I should have gotten one small detail: the name of the production. I went to 2 different film sets (which included Fear Factor) before I found the right one. I also felt quite silly walking around in heels at a ranch.

The meet and greet was simple. I was introduced to the director, we exchanged pleasantries, and he approved. As a second thought, he asked me to open my jacket. This is where I felt strange since I am not one to exhibit my wares in such a fashion. But I obliged and he gave me the thumbs up. Afterward, I proceeded to get fitted in my saloon girl outfit.

This is not a major part or anything. It is known as a silent bit part. There is not any dialogue but there will be a little more attention on me (and the 2 other saloon girls) than a regular extra because we are a part of the story.

Last week, I did a commercial agent mailing and received a call from an agency. I have an appointment next week and I must have a monologue AND a commercial ready. That means that I have 3 (that includes the script from my class) different scripts to memorize! I am freaking out! My memory is not the best due to my crazy days of raving and I have to work extra hard to get my lines down. Oh no!!!!

I am excited by all of these changes and challenges. Wish me luck!

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