Monday, March 14, 2005

Gull and Tumbleweed

Here is a new addition to the Beach series. I want to convey a sense of quiet and spiritual isolation with this series. Not the bad kind of isolation but that feeling that you get when you are alone with nature. The isolation becomes a feeling of unity with the rest of the world. I suppose if you are a bit depressed then that nice unity feeling may not come around. The interpretation is up to each individual. I just want the quiet roar of the air and water to come through my photographs.

On a technical note, I've been struggling too much in the darkroom. I've lost my touch and haven't quite gotten it back in these 3 weeks of printing. I've printed this image on 2 different occasions and I am still not happy with it. The negative is not an easy one to work with. I'll either print it too light, too dark, or too contrasty to try to make up for the neg's flatness. So far, I like the way I cropped this image, but it is a bit too flat and dark. The whole roll is difficult. It's even grainier than my other film. Hm, I wonder why. Everything from this roll got printed to darkly. Damn it! I am so-o-o-o frustrated.

I head off to Photolucida tomorrow and I am not quite happy with the new work.

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