Monday, June 27, 2005

Desert heat, dehydration, and the bedroom sactuary

I haven't been around because I've had no internet connection and now I do, but it isn't so great. I have a hard time connecting.

A few days ago I went to a full moon gathering out in the desert and it was HOT!!! I barely had any sleep and danced only a little bit in the morning. It just got hotter and hotter as the sun rose in the sky. I thought that I was drinking a lot of water, but obviously not since I experienced some nausea and chills. I was on the verge of heat exhaustion!!

It was torture to just leave your shade structure to go pee. The sun just immediately wicked all of the moisture from the body. I carried a spray bottle full of water and just misted myself wherever I went. My friend said that she checked the temperature at 4 pm and found it to be 117 degrees. WOW! No wonder we were all wilting. We were stupefied and could barely even talk.

Last weekend was the Glastonbury Music Festival and it looked like the participants had a different kind of weather problem: flooding by the rains. No dehydration happening there!

Update on my studio: I am finally liking it (except for the mold situation). Four different friends came by on separate occasions and they all complimented my place. One even said, "Oooh, bedroom sanctuary. I miss that."

I have definitely made a nice space to live in. It is all mine with my energy. I hope to continue having a nice big space to work in when I move in with my significant other someday.

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