Monday, July 25, 2005

Norton Wisdom

Saturday night I went to an awesome underground party. I initially thought that I would leave by 2:30-3 am but I ended up staying until about 6 am. I guess it was a fun event!

The music was oh-so-danceable and there was a live action painter by the name of Norton Wisdom. The website doesn't do his work any justice because what is truly amazing is that he paints to the music on a large backlit screen. His paintings are continually dissolving and morphing into other images. He works quickly and it is as if he is channelling energy from the spirit world. The divine is what moves his hand through the viscous layers of light and dark.

Wisdom has performed with many bands (including some very well known ones) throughout the world, and has shown internationally in galleries and museums. You can see a whole different series of paintings that he has worked on through the years here at the Patricia Correia Gallery.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Here's a link that I would like to share.


Sometimes I find myself envying the woman who has the studio next to me. She has a separate life complete with husband and two kids. She comes in Monday through Friday around 9 am and leaves around 5 to be home in time to take care of her children.

Her husband has come in several times, usually donning a suit and he has helped her move many heavy items into her studio. He recently put in an air conditioner for her.

I wish I had a fan to battle the heat in my studio.

I wonder if her life is a s perfect as it seems.

I suppose I wonder these things because my life has recently undergone some big changes from what was once a seemingly perfect life.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I'll Be Back...

I've been a bad blogger lately and I haven't been pleased with my posts. I am going to take a break. I know that I don't post very often, but this break is going to be official. I need to create some space in my mind for other things. Because even though I am an infrequent poster, I am always thinking about what to write here. (I think that my spotty internet connection has something to do with my delinquency.)

I promise to eventually post pictures of my studio, but not now. I need to rethink, uproot, and revamp my inner and outer environnment. I want my blog, life, and art to be more "together". I'll be back in a few weeks...maybe a month. In the meantime, I'll be visiting San Francisco, eating lots of good food, recharging, and regaining some creativity and productivity.

Thanks to the people who visit here (it's a small readership!), for your emails, and your comments (thanks, Dave!).

See you in a little while!

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Cooking for Mr. H

Today's menu:


Romaine and cucumber

Sloppy Joes- Santa Fe style


Frisee and fennel

Liver and onions
Mashed yams and corn

"Ew, liver and onions!" You may say, but that is what I always make Mr. H on Sundays. I must make it for him once a week.

Yesterday's menu was a little more interesting:


Cottage cheese crunch

Small plate
Shrimp cocktail


Celery root with watercress dressing

Mini meatloaf
Parsley mashed potatoes and balsamic red onions

The meatloaf was a hit and I will make it at home someday soon. Mmm!
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