Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Two Views of My Studio

This is my bedroom and office area.

This is my work area.

Sometimes I wish I got the bigger space. But this wishing will only lead to unhappiness since this is where I am now. I only hope that the air purifier works for the allergies that I have in this space. I normally do not have allergies and the slumlord refuses to fix the mold problem. There is someone else who is between the landlord and myself and I don't want to disrupt her living situation by making a stand. So I will have to move out in a few months for health reasons. Too bad.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Okay, I am back...

It was Elise's last comment that finally brought me back to the blogosphere. I realized that I've been gone for over a month now. By the way, thanks Elise for sending me the 10 Things That Make Me Happy card! It's been a while since you did that and I am still working on the new site. Anyone else who is interested, please email me. (I am too lazy to throw in links for my project and email right now. They can be found under the "About" section on this site)

I don't think that I am as sorted out as I'd like to be, although I finally finished my taxes and I have a fan. That was a big relief (the taxes, I mean. Well, the fan was a relief too now that I think about it.). I didn't get as much done as I aspired to and I'm still muddled about some things in my life. I'd like to someday redesign this site and get a few others off the ground. I need to spend more time on art and take more acting classes. I still just need to smog car!
The to-do list never ends.

Although I said that I wanted to take a break from writing, I still couldn't help myself. I wrote unpublished blog entries that I am finally now posting. I uploaded them with their correct dates down below so it is like I never left. It's a little neurotic I know, but I just didn't want to place any pressure on myself. I wanted to write without commitment.

So here they are...
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