Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Two Views of My Studio

This is my bedroom and office area.

This is my work area.

Sometimes I wish I got the bigger space. But this wishing will only lead to unhappiness since this is where I am now. I only hope that the air purifier works for the allergies that I have in this space. I normally do not have allergies and the slumlord refuses to fix the mold problem. There is someone else who is between the landlord and myself and I don't want to disrupt her living situation by making a stand. So I will have to move out in a few months for health reasons. Too bad.


Elise Tomlinson said...

Is this your studio/apartment? Or just your studio? It's cute either way. I have been investigating air purifiers because some are better than others at removing VOCs and because my studio is also in my home and I had been getting really sick. Anyway, I'm posting a link to the entry where I discuss what I found out about different types of air purifiers. Some of the conversation takes place in the comments after the posts. Anway, what brand did you get? Have you noticed a difference yet?

Anonymous said...

it looks like a great studio! my studio does not have windows, but it has 2 doors, so i get a good cross breeze, as long as no one is on the side that leads out into the classroom. usually it works out.

Amparo said...

I live in my studio also. It gets a bit cramped since I have no storage area.

I got a Hamilton Beach 04163 air purifier. I could have gotten a better one, but it is hard to shell out a ton of cash for something that is appropriate for the size of my space. It has a charcoal prefilter and a true HEPA filter. We'll see how well it works.

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