Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Here and There

I've been tying to be productive, but have only been half good at it. I think that I've been escaping more than anything.

Went to San Diego and caught up with an long-time friend whom I originally met in San Francisco. Visited her the following week to take photos of her in the pool.

Also saw Caro Es's work at the George Billis Gallery. Her work is even more wonderful up close and personal. I knew her a little bit from reading her blog and it was such a delight to finally meet her!

I am now going on vacation. Driving up to the Bay Area to catch up with my lovely friends and attend the Love Parade. I'll drive back Sunday, work Monday, fly to Chicago on Tuesday, fly back Saturday, and go back to work on Sunday. Whew! I'll need some more downtime from all of that! Tomorrow is going to require loads of caffeine since I am only going to have about 3 hours of sleep. Yikes!
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