Tuesday, October 4, 2005

San Francisco to LA to Chicago and Back

It was all a whirlwind of experiences. Full of dancing, hugging, and special moments with special people. I couldn't see or do as much as I wanted to and I missed out on some people in the process. I had a hard time trying to keep it all together especially since I was tired most of the time. I've done a lot of sleeping since I've been back.


Love Parade.

Wine tasting in Sonoma with with one of my bestest friends.

Running into the very cold ocean just so that I can take the perfect photograph. Then after the photos were taken, I stripped down to my bathing suit and dived under a wave. Brrr!

Seeing Bruce Nauman's One Hundred Fish Fountain at the Donald Young Gallery. The fish are all cast from actual lake fish.

Drinking orange flavored coffee in a cafe called Orange.

Having wine flights and cheese with S at Bin 36.

S and I walking around town with matching hats.

Meeting R in the most unlikely of places and exploring Old Town Chicago together. We had a wonderful time. Then poor R had to take care of me when I twisted my ankle.

Going to Second City without actually planning it and catching a special guest appearance of James Belushi at the free after-show improv.

Tossing a Frisbee with R in sunny Wicker Park. There were beautiful plants and bushes and there wasn't enough time.

I'm glad to be home but I miss my kindred spirits.

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