Friday, November 18, 2005

Apartment Hunting

I've been absent because I've been looking for my own place. Who knew that looking for a home would turn out to be so difficult? I must have looked at at LEAST 20-30 places in the last 3 weeks! Maybe it's because I am so indecisive. Maybe it is because LA apartments suck. It used to be that I would have my eye on a place and would just move in. I truly WANTED it. Maybe I wasn't as picky as I am now. I want a balcony or patio, a clean, semi modern kitchen, lots of room so I can section off an art area, a gas stove, a parking spot, a peaceful neighborhood but not too isolated, a place that will accept a cat because I want cuddly company, a sense of peace when I look out of my window. Hardwood or faux hardwood floors would also be a plus but not necessary. (They are hard to find on the westside of LA.) Is that too much to ask?? Perhaps it is. Maybe I should have taken one of the places that wouldn't accept a pet but was alright besides that. GARSH!

I guess I'll be moving into the bigger art studio next door in the meantime. Could be cool. It costs more though. Okay, I gotta just tell mysself that nothing is perfect. I am feeling completely neurotic!!! Aaaah!

1 comment:

carol es said...

there's a place right next to me, but it's an isolated town. email me if you're intrested.

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