Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bad "Carma"

So I've been having a huge string of bad luck lately. I don't like to vent much on my blog, but I gotta do it sometimes.

I think it all started when I got my speeding ticket in September. Actually, hours before I got my ticket, I had to call AAA to pull John's car off the side of the road. It was practically teetering on the edge of the road with a straight drop on the driver's side. I managed to convince him to give up trying to get the car back on the road because I could tell that it was about to slide down the edge or flip over. The drop wasn't even really that far down, but it was the way the car was situated that put it in a very-likely-to-flip position.

Anyways, we were lucky that all went well with getting the car back up where it belonged (even with the tow truck drivers who were quite reluctant to drive much further on the dirt road to get to the car). But my bad "CARma" soon started afterwards:

Speeding ticket. I was going 90 mph but got written up for 85.

A girl backed into me and scraped my bumper. She paid for it.

I rear ended someone coming off the freeway. I hit a giant SUV with a trailer hitch so no harm done on her end. I guess I was kinda lucky.

My dad straightens out my hood for me and later that very same day I crunch into a pole in a parking garage. Totally screwed up my front right side. My car had a crappy paint job, but now the body looks like crap too.

Someone breaks into my car the day after I crunch it. Busted the back passenger window and stole my stereo along with my book of beloved CDs. Music that most people won't even like. Half of them are burned and are mixes by obscure DJs.
Lesson here is don't EVER leave your faceplate in the car. Don't hide it in the glove box or under the seat. I was taking it in with me for months and I started slacking these last couple of months. Ack! I keep regretting my laziness! But too late for that. They would've stole the CDs anyways if they couldn't get the stereo. Grrr, and I was even telling myself then that I needed to take that book in!

So now my car looks like crap, I drive around in silence, and I miss my music collection terribly.


David said...

Here's hoping your "Bad Carma" is over. So sorry especially about the music. But all things considered this recent downturn could of been much worse. Take care and Happy Holidaze!

Amparo said...

Thanks, Dave! Happy holidays to you too!
By the way, someone just rear ended me this afternoon!!! I got jilted and stunned. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Elise Tomlinson said...

Your luck is bound to get better with the new year, and I hope you went to the hospital after getting rear ended, sometimes pain from that doesn't show up until later and you should get something down in writing so the other person's insurance can pay for it.

On the other issue, my mom used to do this thing whenever anyone stole something from us (and we were poor and it happened quite often) she'd say "they probably needed it more than we do" and she'd make up some sad luck story about why someone was desperate enough to do that to us. I dunno but it always made me feel a tiny bit better.
take care!

Amparo said...

I know that it has to get better in 2006.

Thanks for giving me a positive angle of looking at a negative situation (on getting stuff stolen). I like that way of thinking.

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