Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Card

Anticipating that I would write a few sentences declaring happy feelings, I wrote "Merry Christmas _____!" in small writing at the very top. Later, feeling crestfallen and empty when my bubble had burst, I found myself in a conundrum. No words came to mind that were appropriate for that once eager space. What to do? If I had known where I'd be, I would have initially made that tiny sentence at the top fill the whole page. It was written in pen so I couldn't erase it.

And how should I sign it?? How about a simple heart? Ooooh, maybe that's too much. I called my friend...
Friend: "What? He's afraid of a heart? No! Just draw a heart! No big deal!"
Me: "I dunno, he might be afraid"
Friend: "Of a heart??? Then draw a flower."
Me: "That's lame"
Friend: "Then how about a heart and a flower together?"
Me: "That might help, it may lessen the impact of the heart. But it may look too silly....Oh, I'll just draw a heart!"

After much deliberation, I drew a giant heart that filled the entire space with a comma and signed my name underneath it.

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