Thursday, March 30, 2006

Alex an old friend

I got in touch with an old friend of mine. We were best friends 8th-10th grade before I moved away. We kept in touch for many years after that but just fell out without meaning to. We used to talk to each other every day, giggle, flirt with boys, walk home together, and go to the mall. Girly stuff. We were super best friends. I remember we used to even go to the public library together. We were into the Sweet Valley High series and other high school romance novels. One day at the library, we both had an epiphany at the same exact time. We looked at those books and said, "Blech, those are trashy, gossipy, dumb books and I don't want to read those anymore!" We slapped those books down and never looked back. Well, who knows, maybe she did, but I liked how we were always on the same page in life. (No pun intended!)

We are even leading almost paralell lives at the moment. When we talked to the phone, it was like no time had gone by. No awkwardness at all. So cool.

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AlexB said...

Awww, how sweet. Looking back, I have fond memories too!

Going back to your house on half days at Junior High and having fun! I could get detailed here...but I won't. LOL.

The cute little drawings and notes we would write to each other.

There are so many other great memories tied to our friendship. Those were fun, happy times for me and I'm glad that we have been able to connect again.

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