Friday, August 4, 2006

Dating Advice From a Friend

"Why don't you try dating someone who isn't an artist or musician for once? Someone who doesn't work in the arts at all. They can enjoy art...a lot...just not be employed in that field. They can have any other job in the world just not in the arts. Why don't you try that once? How about a few times? See the difference. And they should be over age 35...(sigh) alright at least 30 years old. Just try it!"


brent said...

that's too funny. i want to know the results of this "experiment".

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think this is probably really good advice.
I'm a computer geek and my wife is an artist. I admire her craft and she is appreciateive of the things that I can do. We learn a lot from each other and benefit from each other's talents.

Thomas Lann

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