Friday, December 4, 2009

The Happy Project

I am SO HAPPY that I finally finished uploading the postcards and finessing the Happy Project site.  I had started this project almost nine years ago! It has been mostly on hold because I wanted to have a site up where I could refer people to.  I will also upload the other older lists (not on postcards) onto my Flickr page when I get a chance.  There are some really great lists.  I love receiving and reading all of them.  People enjoy participating in the project as well because it gives them a moment to reflect upon what they feel gratitude for in this life.

Let me know if you want to participate and I will mail a card to you.

Mail Me Art 2

This is VERY different than anything I've done before;  I tend to create quiet, minimal-ish works with soft colors. Clouds, birds, and thread appear here but it is very illustrative.  I knew that the art I was submitting to Mail Me Art 2 wasn't going to be part of a series so I figured that I could be uber-experimental (at least for me) and go outside of my box. 

Artists are supposed to stay within certain confines of their style.  It shows a certain maturity.  The style can change but it is usually an evolution.  I'm breaking some rules here with the risk of appearing as a dilettante but I have been itching to draw more representationally.  This blog is all about showing process and my dabblings as I experiment.

I have some more cohesive art in the works.  It's just not ready to be made public yet.
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