Friday, December 4, 2009

Mail Me Art 2

This is VERY different than anything I've done before;  I tend to create quiet, minimal-ish works with soft colors. Clouds, birds, and thread appear here but it is very illustrative.  I knew that the art I was submitting to Mail Me Art 2 wasn't going to be part of a series so I figured that I could be uber-experimental (at least for me) and go outside of my box. 

Artists are supposed to stay within certain confines of their style.  It shows a certain maturity.  The style can change but it is usually an evolution.  I'm breaking some rules here with the risk of appearing as a dilettante but I have been itching to draw more representationally.  This blog is all about showing process and my dabblings as I experiment.

I have some more cohesive art in the works.  It's just not ready to be made public yet.

1 comment:

Light Reflection said...

I love this. Birds, clouds, rain... I do see your style in it even though you feel like you took leaps and bounds away from it. The use of the background is very within your usual palette, and the rainbow electrical wires add zest :)

~ Sandra.

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