Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stas Orlovski

I went to Stas' "Nocturnes" art opening at Rio Hondo College and LOVED his work.  I've been wanting to see his art in person for a long time and jumped at the opportunity when I found out about this.

Stas uses a combination of ink, lithography, oil paint, gouache, and xerox transfer.  It is all so meticulously applied that it is difficult to tell what is drawn from his hand and what is a reproduction.  I love that about his work.

I also dig his neutral palette and use of black.  His work has a dark, mystical, and mysterious feeling to it.  I have the sensation that I've stepped into the yellowed pages of an antique, tattered, melancholic book.  It's a good feeling.

More of Stas' work can be viewed at Mixed Greens.

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