Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rooms Magazine

Endless, originally uploaded by amparojelsma.
My drawing "Endless" has been added to Rooms Magazine's painting section on their blog.

The velour adds such a rich dimension to the drawing.  I wish that there was a way for the texture of the velour paper to show up on a computer screen, but there isn't.  You'll just have to take my word for it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Confetti Squirt

I totally forgot to post this. This little painting was sold in a fundraiser at Monte Vista Projects.  I just wish I knew who owns it now.  I always like to know where my work goes.  I wonder what it's doing? (Like the way one wonders what their pet is doing when they are away.)  Is it hanging in someone's living room?  Is it tucked away in a flat file?  Does it work with the decor??

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Beginnings

I had a good day on Friday.  Actually, I had a good week last week.  I won my small claims case.  It was a dark cloud that got heavier and heavier the closer my court date came.  Someone rear ended me last February and his insurance company refused to pay for damages.  This haunted me for close to a year because I couldn't let it go yet I was afraid to stand up for myself.  I finally decided to stand up for myself.  I was shaking before I got up to the stand.  I had never done something like this before and it was just me up before the judge stating my case.  I really feel like I grew from this experience.

The weight is lifted and now I can look forward in 2011 instead of backwards.  I looked backwards with too much angst last year.  Next month I will be having a milestone birthday of 40.  Forty!!!  I'm am not ready to write my thoughts on that yet.    That will happen in another post.

Back to Friday...I was gifted many pairs of brand new girly fun shoes.  It feels like spring is already here in Los Angeles so I will paint my toe nails and sport the new wedges and heels soon.  My good friend also gave me a very new haircut in celebration of winning my case.  The cut even has an official name.  It's called the "Moda" and she just learned how to do it.  I have bangs now and the back of my hair is in a "V".  It's a very chic cut.  I love it!  It symbolizes shedding all of the old and facing the world with a new outlook.  Heck, with my new shoes, I'm totally ready to trip around this planet with my new outlook!

The goodness of the day was not over yet...on my way home, I stopped off at the Goodwill and found a few treasures.  The boots in the photo above were a score.  They are clean too.  I triple checked.  I even did the sniff test.  Kinda gross but it was the only sure way to tell.  Since they are mostly cloth, I will probably throw them in a cold water wash to make them extra clean.

The best part of the Goodwill visit was that I scored a Wacom Tablet for $89!!!  I was just thinking the other day how I needed one and shazam!  There it was, the exact model that I wanted, waiting for me behind the glass counter.  It looks brand new and works perfectly.

Yup, it was a good day.
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