Thursday, February 24, 2011

Plastic Toy Camera Photos

I just had two rolls of old toy camera film developed yesterday.  Most of the images were just under a year old but I found a few images that were taken in 2005!!!  I developed these because they were my most recently shot rolls.  I have some more in a bag that are from around 2003-2007.  I've been holding off because it's so expensive to have them developed AND scanned at high res tiff.   

I was almost a little afraid to see what I got so I  waited until this morning.  Plastic camera images are unpredictable and some are wonderful surprises while some are disappointing.  This image was taken at Mono Lake.  That was a fun trip. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coincidence or Copying???

I get Google Alerts for the name of this site, The Project Room.  Several sites will come up in the alert because the have the same words.  I came upon someone's Blogger site with a similar name and decided to check it out.  What seemed strange was that the color scheme was very similar.  Now I know that many people like to use grey and pink with some blue thrown in.  But I just couldn't help but wonder if this person ripped off my blog's look.  After all, her blog started 6-7 months after I redesigned mine, its name is similar to mine, the gray border surrounding the middle white is about the same shade and her links are a dusty pink (what I like to call "dusty rose").  Just like mine.

I know that we are all influenced by each other's work.  I know that there are popular color schemes.  But I couldn't help but this case just coincidence or copying???


Photo taken by Adam Latham

I turned Forty (40!) earlier this month.  At first, I wasn't so sure how I wanted to celebrate.  Maybe I should just have it be a quiet evening??  You know, I was turning forty after all and maybe I should just have a mellow welcoming of the new decade, but then I decided to have a big party to celebrate.  I'm so glad that I did.  I have such amazing friends and I felt the love.  Gosh, I just wish the party could have lasted a little longer!  The venue I had it at just wouldn't let us go past one thirty and no one was ready to leave yet.  Everyone was still grooving to the music and laughing with each other.

I especially loved how many people commented how awesome my friends are.  That's the word they all actually used: "awesome".  I've been having a hard time expressing how I feel about this without just saying "Awesome!" again.  I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such beautiful beings.  That night, the energy was vibrating at such a high level with all of that amazingness packed together in one place!  Wow, I sound like a goofy, New Age hippy!

I'm always reassessing my life and this year is no different.  There is so much that I want to do.  I dilly dallied much of my mid 20's through mid 30's away and now I have been playing a lot of catch up.  I do get tired more easily these days.  Burning the midnight oil on art projects isn't a normal event for me anymore.  If I stay up late working, then I end up sleeping in or just feeling burned out the next day.  I don't really gain much time-wise anymore by staying up late.  I wish  had more energy and time. Oh well, I wish I wish I wish.  There is always something to wish for if one isn't being grateful for what one has.

I thought that I was going to share my goals for this year here, but I think I will wait.  It's a little late in the night and this post is getting a little long.  I wrote a year plan and a longer term plan in my journal in January.  After my birthday, I took a look at my written goals and got excited by all the learning, growth, change, and possibilities ahead of me.
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