Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coincidence or Copying???

I get Google Alerts for the name of this site, The Project Room.  Several sites will come up in the alert because the have the same words.  I came upon someone's Blogger site with a similar name and decided to check it out.  What seemed strange was that the color scheme was very similar.  Now I know that many people like to use grey and pink with some blue thrown in.  But I just couldn't help but wonder if this person ripped off my blog's look.  After all, her blog started 6-7 months after I redesigned mine, its name is similar to mine, the gray border surrounding the middle white is about the same shade and her links are a dusty pink (what I like to call "dusty rose").  Just like mine.

I know that we are all influenced by each other's work.  I know that there are popular color schemes.  But I couldn't help but this case just coincidence or copying???

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