Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Warm Fuzzies

I am moving out of my studio after being there for almost two years.  I'm feeling a little sad and overwhelmed.  I love the bright space with its big windows.  The area outside my door is green and peaceful.  There are humming birds buzzing around outside all day.  Little peeping finches flit and feed off the flowers of a tree that is right in front of where I sit.  I love hearing and watching them. 

But it is time to go and everything is going back into my home.  I think I'm coming back with more stuff.  Definitely more art and there is nowhere to put it.  I have no wall space.  I also don't have proper ventilation in my kitchen and things on the walls tend to get a thin layer of greasy dust after a while.  I can't hang my art on the walls, especially the works on raw canvas.

There's nowhere to even put my chop saw.  It's going to be in the living room.  Ugh.  How uncozy is that?

So in my panic to get as much done in the studio before I leave, I am finishing up things that take up a lot of space while working on them.  I'm finishing up past projects that just need a little more done before I can put them to rest.  I'm tying up loose ends so I can return to my current body of work without the looming cloud of unfinished business.

The Warm Fuzzies have been lingering for years.  They were started sometime around 2000-2001.  When I moved to LA, I started grouping them together for the larger wood mounted works.  Then each square had to be mounted on a larger board in a grid.  It was precise production work which I wasn't up for that yet.  Then they had to be behind plex.  Plex boxes are expensive.  The Warm Fuzzies were shoved into storage due to the fact that they were too much to deal with at the time.

They are STILL  too much to deal with.

In 2010, I had the opportunity to have a solo show of any of my work.  I chose to show the Warm Fuzzies so that I could finally finish them.  I framed most of the single drawings and with Matt's help, got three of the larger works behind plex.  Instead of taking them to an acrylic shop, Matt fabricated the boxes himself with salvaged plexiglass from a prop-making shop. 

There were four large works that didn't get finished before the show so back into the box they all went.  I wanted to finish them but I was burned out.  

Fast forward to 2013.  The Fuzzies were still in a box.  I had moved them from our storage space to my closet at the beginning of the year.  When I gave my notice, I brought the box to the studio and I've been diligently working on them.  Refinishing all of the squares and backing boards.  Re-doing some of the pastel drawings.  Regluing.  Shopping for supplies.  I'm almost done with the drawings, squares, and back boards.  It's almost time to mount them.  Then it's plex time.  Whew!  The chapter is almost closed and then I can truly move forward.  It feels good.

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