Saturday, March 15, 2014

More Brautigan

Still thinking about the poet, I came across a poem that I wrote about 16 years ago.  It was inspired and influenced by ol' Richard...

Your Poetry

Oh Mr. Brautigan,
You speak a language
I think I understand
the lines are short, wise, and bittersweet
Perfect for my attention span.

Remembering Richard Brautigan

I discovered Mr. Brautigan's simple, poignant, and funny poems when I was working at Abandoned Planet Bookstore in the Mission District of San Francisco back in the late 90's.  Employees were allowed to browse and borrow books and I took full advantage of the benefits.  Richard took me to a place where I laughed at the ridiculousness of life's obscurities.  He wasn't afraid to point at what I took notice of but would keep to myself.  He made me realize that it was okay to be blunt, short and to the point in my writing.  But he takes the cake in flowery simplicity.  Sigh...I adore Richard Brautigan and have a slight crush on him.  I was sad when I had exhausted all of my borrowed book possibilities, including the local library. 

I need to buy some of your books so that I can revisit you, at my leisure, Mr. Brautigan.

Anyways, I came upon this poem which I find beautiful...

Gee, You're So Beautiful
That It's Starting to Rain

Oh, Marcia,
I want your long blonde beauty
to be taught in high school,
so kids will learn that God
lives like music in the skin
and sounds like a sunshine harpsichord.
I want high school report cards
      to look like this:
Playing with Gentle Glass Things
Computer Magic
Writing Letters to Those You Love
Finding out about Fish
Marcia's long blonde beauty
Reprinted in The Pill versus The Springhill Mine
Disaster, copyright 1968 by Richard Brautigan.
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